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About  The Community Pride Project

The Community Pride Project, a community environmental support group, was set up in August 2010 with a small staff of three and one vehicle. It has now developed into a full-time project supported by many local groups who came together to develop this initiative. We need the backing and support of the community, from the youngest to the oldest to really make it work. It is our goal to create awareness about the affects that littering, graffiti and illegal dumping have on our community and the environment. We organise regular clean-up events throughout the community and we ask all local residents, organisations and schools to get involved.


Our Services


Graffiti Removal

Our environmental team can be seen out in the community removing graffiti from walls and homes.


Environmental Workers

Our environmental team are out everyday maintaining the green spaces in the community, making it a safer and cleaner place to live.


Fleet of Vans

The Community Pride Project has access to a fleet of vans, instantly recognisable by the local residents, which we use to deliver our services to the community.


Community Clean-Up Events

The Community Pride Project regularly organises clean-up events within the community to create an awareness of the importance of keeping the environment clean and taking pride in your community.


Environmental Groups

The Community Pride Project helps and supports residents in the areas of Buttercup, Tulip, Marigold, Snowdrop and Primrose to set up small environmental groups with a focus on participating in, and winning the Dublin City Council City Neighbourhood Awards.


Green Flag Assistance

The Community Pride Project also helps and supports local schools in the community to attain a green flag through An Taisce.


Download our Brochure

For more information about the Community Pride Project, you can download our centre brochure here.

Community Pride Project Clean-Up Events

Since 2010, the Community Pride Project has organised a number of successful community clean-up and volunteer days. Use the links below to view a gallery of these events.

















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Community Pride Project Partners

The Community Pride Project works in partnership with several local organisations, groups and agencies. Our list of partners are:

  • The Community of Darndale and Belcamp
  • Dublin City Council
  • The Dales
  • Sphere 17
  • Our Lady Immaculate Junior School
  • Our Lady Immaculate Senior School
  • New Life Centre
  • Travact
  • Darndale Park Renewal Project


The success of this project is dependent on the support of the community and all our partner organisations. With this support and the involvement of all the residents both young and old, the Community Pride Project can continue to grow and ultimately make a difference to the lives of people living in Darndale,

providing a better, cleaner, safer place to live and a pride of place for all the community.


Darndale Belcamp Village Centre CLG

The Bell Building

The Link Road


Dublin 17

Company Reg No: 350776

Charity No: 20066314