Community Pride Project

The Community Pride Project was established in 2010 to work with residents on a road-by-road basis, identifying the needs in their area and working with people to bring about change in their physical space. The project has also worked with children through their teachers and schools on education, in relation to environmental issues such as; litter control, waste recycling and imbuing a pride of place about living in Darndale.

Supporting Darndale Park

DBVC CLG has worked with a number of partner organisations within the community on the renewal of Darndale Park which is a major natural amenity within the area providing opportunities for recreational activities such as: soccer, angling in the popular Darndale Pond and the regular weekly Parkrun. During 2018, DBVC CLG secured additional places on its Community Employment Programme and deployed a number of these additional participants to assist with the continued development and maintenance of Darndale Park which has proved to be very successful.


Community Events


Painting Walls on The Link Road

The DBVC team went out in force, with some local residents to enhance a section within the community which was unsightly and covered in graffiti, the end result was an much improved appearance and long-term prevention of graffiti in what would have been considered a black-spot within the community.


Darndale - Buttercup Park

DBVC identified an area within the local community in need of some TLC in the form of grass cutting, painting and an all round general clean-up. Together with local residents and the support of Dublin City Council, the Community Pride Project was able to make a significant improvement to this area.


Darndale - Spine Site

Known locally as the Spine Site, this section of Darndale needed a lot of work to improve it for the benefit of many local residents using it on a daily basis. DBVC organised the clean-up event with local residents and it consisted of painting, weeding, general clean-up & rubbish removal and planting of new trees in the green spaces which was carried out in conjunction with Sphere 17, Our Lady Immaculate Primary School and Dublin City Council.


DHL Global Volunteer Day

DBVC teamed up with DHL as part of their Global Volunteer Day initiative to rejuvenate the well used 5-a-side soccer & basketball court in Darndale. This event involved teams from DBVC, DHL, local residents and the local football clubs. The result was a fantastic newly painted and 5-a-side without weeds and overgrowth from shrubs/bushes.


Darndale - Marigold Park

Marigold Park was in need of graffiti removal and full clean-up of the entire area due to it becoming an illegal dumping blackspot. The DBVC team visited the area, carried out graffiti removal (using our graffiti removal machine and specialised chemicals) and cleared up a large amount of dumped waste. Children from the local primary school along with their teachers, visited the clean-up and watched the team remove graffiti and helped remove some weeds and sweep the area while learning about the importance of maintaining a clean environment from our Community Pride Team.


Darndale - School Railings

Working in partnership with Our Lady Immaculate Primary School, the Community Pride Project assisted with painting the entire railings around the boundary of the school in order to clean up its appearance and to compliment some recent upgrades in the school playgrounds.


Darndale - Tulip Court

When the residents of Tulip Court decided to enter into the Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards, the Community Pride Project were more than happy to visit their area and assist with a clean-up to ensure they had the best chance of winning in their category. Our team visited and tidied green spaces and assisted residents with some light jobs in their gardens.


Ingersoll Rand Volunteer Day

The DBVC & Ingersoll Rand Teams came together as part of their Volunteer Day initiative, to give The Link Road in Darndale some much needed TLC which involved grass cutting, weeding, painting and an all around general tidy.

Community Pride Project Partners & Highlights

The Community Pride Project began in 2010 and has since developed partnerships with many local organisations: Darndale Community, Dublin City Council, The Dales, Sphere 17, Our Lady Immaculate Junior & Senior Schools, New Life Centre, Travact and Darndale Park Renewal Project. Since this time, the project has also had the following highights:


Community Clean-Up Events

Held within Darndale since 2010.


Environmental Man Hours

Delivered by DBVC CLG in 2022


Partnership Organisations

Working to improve and enhance the local environment.


Community Employment Participants

Assigned to Darndale Park to provide maintenance and support for community events.

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This project is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal through the Community Services Programme


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